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Business Readiness Index (BRex)

Our proprietary “Business Readiness Index” (BRex) assesses the Readiness of your business for moving onto a high growth trajectory.

It is a computer-based study conducted with your key managers at senior and middle levels. This study throws up data about various aspects driving your business performance… whether they are at a mature level or need improvement.

In its standard form, it assesses 26 factors and more than 120 parameters covering Organization, Systems and People related areas. The study mechanism is customisable and can incorporate specific issues that your business needs to assess.

This study helps an organization diagnose the key problems affecting it – and their interplay with each other – and highlights the specific areas which need to be resolved to improve performance.

The final output of the study is a numerical rating for each parameter/factor and highlights such parameters that need more work to meet growth objectives. 

On completion of the study, if the client wishes, BreakThrough HR can pool its resources together for developing solutions based on the report and help execute such solutions in your organization.

Call us or click here to know more about how our BRex can help your organization achieve its growth objectives.

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