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Business Consulting Services

Typical Business scenarios that are presented to us…

  • Sub-optimal profits made by the business in the previous years.
  • Business Grow pace reduced from previous years and needs to be brought on track.
  • Business growth rate to be increased by 2X, 3X… nX and so on over the next 2-3 years.
  • Want to divest the business… but valuations are very low… need to increase the valuation in next X Years.
  • Business not doing well and not aware of what is going wrong.
  • Business not doing well and aware of the underlying issues but don’t know how to solve it.

These and many such issues get highlighted to us very frequently during the course of our These and many such issues get highlighted to us very frequently during the course of our discussions with business owners. Since all business activities and processes are managed by people, the basic reasons why such issues exist is that "some people somewhere are not doing their jobs well".

With our expertise in understanding people, skill sets, resources capabilities, work methods, decision making, thinking, planning and so on, we are able to identify key gaps leading to such issues and thereby such sub-optimal results.

We offer Business Strategy ConsultinWe offer Business Strategy Consulting by bringing together our network of Senior Consultants. These are people with proven expertise in their respective fields and carrying a minimum experience of 15-20 years in managing, strategizing and consulting in various business areas.

Our Business Consulting Services cover the entire gamut of business activities including

  • Strategy Definition
  • Product Ideation
  • Product Design
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Brand Building
  • Sales Planning
  • Management Reviews
  • Funds Planning and Raising
  • Competition Analysis and so on...

We study the client mandate and idenWe study the client mandate and identify and bring in the necessary skill sets required to delivery on client objectives.

We split such assignments action areas into "Thinking" and "Execution" activities.

The Thinking Support to the MD/CEO is provided by our team of senior consultants. Execution is done through a junior team of professional managers who may be on client’s rolls or on ours.

In an advanced form, this service can also encompass Outsourcing of Senior Management Roles for your business where our team takes management control of your business operations on your behalf and increases efficiency, productivity, effectiveness and output for your business based on predefined targets. The ownership of the business remains with the existing shareholders with requisite authority for deciding direction, strategy, investments and expansion of the business.

Call us or click here to know more about how our Business Consulting Services can help your business achieve its growth objectives.

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