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PMS Solutions  

Performance Management System (PMS) is perhaps THE process that impacts employee performance and morale the most.

Studies conducted Globally shows the impact of PMS on Business Performance when it is owned by the MD/CEO:

  • A well-defined PMS Process impacts business performance by 6%.
  • A PMS Culture drives business performance by 11%.

A PMS process which is not perceived to be objective, fair and transparent by the employees will fail to generate the ownership amongst them for their job performance.

Keeping these factors in mind, we have designed our unique PMS Implementation Methodology which ensures that your employees are able to identify and relate their KRAs with their day-to-day activities. This ensures that they donít ďdrop the ballĒ w.r.t. their performance and you only need to monitor these day-to-day activities to ensure achievement of the KRAs.

Based on our past experience we understand these dynamics and advice and help our clients in creating an objective and data-driven PMS system.

BreakThrough HRís PMS Solutions takes different forms. It could cover:

  • Defining the Key Result Areas (KRAs) for various positions in the organisation and handing over the KRA document to the MD/CEO/HR for internal implementation OR
  • Communicating and Implementing the PMS process in addition to defining the KRAs OR
  • Taking Ownership for the Job Performance of your employees and ensuring that the overall business performance is improved

Our senior consulting teamís experience and understanding of business models, business strategy and business operations, ensures that we are also able to create and implement PMS for your organisation based on the Balance Scorecard (BSC) framework if a client needs the same.

Our unique methodology for designing KRAs, ensures that Visible as well as HIDDEN job objectives get highlighted. For this:

  • We understand the business model, functional objectives and processes in detail through our structured questionnaire
  • We Define the KRAs that we feel need to be taken into account (visible AND HIDDEN) and submit for client feedback
  • As part of the Implementation process we sit with your senior leadership team and share the logic in the definition of KRAs. Based on their inputs at this stage, we jointly finalise the KRAs for all people in the organisation
  • On receipt of the clientís feedback we Start Execution of the PMS through Communication and Training of concerned people on the PMS Process and their KRAs

Call us or click here to know more about how our PMS Solutions can help your organization achieve its growth objectives.

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