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Outsourced HR Management  

Our Outsourced HR service is meant for companies where:

  • The Business Owner/MD is handling all HR activities OR
  • An employee is partially responsible for handling the HR activities but can benefit by professional direction and guidance in managing the functional activities

Who will benefit?
Clients who wish to ensure that all HR systems and operations are managed and administered effectively on a day-to-day basis with one or more of the following objectives to be achieved.

  • Ensuring that All HR services are available to all employees
  • Introducing and deriving benefits from Employee Engagement initiatives
  • Improving Effectiveness in Utilizing and Managing People across the organization
  • Managing People Costs by appropriate prioritization of people initiatives and benefits administration
  • Achieving Right Hiring by conducting appropriate profiling
  • Increasing Effectiveness in administration of Training and Career Planning initiatives
  • Introducing Best Practices in HR in the organization.

Solution Definition
As a part of the Outsourced HR offering, we take complete ownership for all systems, activities, processes, practices, initiatives, and most importantly decisions taken in managing the HR function for the client.

We do this by allocating a BreakThrough HR resource at the client site/s on a needs-basis. The delivery involves a combination of front-end and back-end initiatives and activities. Various employee engagement initiatives are completed by visiting the client site for specific number of days and all system design initiatives are completed by our senior consultants at the backend.

What are the benefits?

  • Scale based HR department - Our services can be subscribed based on the scale (and hence needs) of your business
  • Effective HR Time Utilisation - Since our services are purely delivery based there is No Wastage of HR resources time... no wastage of time in chit-chatting, or unproductive work activities and so on
  • Focus in HR Work areas - We know what HR functional activities need to be carried out and how they are carried out and give instructions to our resources accordingly. You don’t have to concern yourself with assigning work, monitoring work, or following up on the work done and so on since the work will be monitored by us and reported to you
  • Payment for delivery areas only (hence Cost Effective) - You select the HR Services that you need based on our delivery models. Our Outsourced HR Services shall be cost effective as compared to hiring a full-time HR resource (eg: with our Strategic Services you will Save More than 50% of the Cost as compared to the salary paid by hiring a Head-HR)
  • We don’t drop-the-ball in HR - We support you for a long period of time thereby increasing continuity of your HR initiatives. Also since we are delivery based, we don’t drop the ball as compared to a full-time HR resource
  • No impact of HR attrition - Since our services are backed by professional work ethics, systems and specific deliverables, your HR services are not impacted as compared to say... an internal full-time HR resource resigning from your company for a better job
  • Our Strategic Services are business driven - We don’t follow a Transactional approach in our Strategic services. We advise you and initiate activities only based on the business objectives that you wish to achieve thereby saving on costs on unproductive activities

Our Deliverables
Our Outsourced HR services are structured alongthree different delivery models. Clients can choose the offerings that best suit their requirements.

  • Basic Services - Click here to see specific deliverable
  • Advanced Services* - Click here to see specific deliverable
  • Strategic Initiatives* - Click here to see specific deliverable

* Each higher level model automatically encompasses the previous level deliverables.

Call us now or click here to know more about how our Outsourced HR service can benefit you in managing your people better

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