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JDs Definition Tool  

BreakThrough HR’s senior consulting team has defined Job Descriptions (JDs) for hundreds of positions over the years. This has given them the expertise to finely distinguish job responsibilities between different positions and create a framework of such responsibilities for common positions in various industries.

We get asked the question for economical solutions many times by our clients. At such times they wish to avail different solutions for their organisations but a possible high upfront investment deters them from availing of these solutions/services.

For such situations, we have created our JDs Customisation Tool to help you easily identify a broad set of key responsibilities for a wide variety of positions across various sectors and customise the JDs for your organisation.

Each function/department (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Production, Quality etc.) is available and the JDs framework has been designed accordingly. This will help you to customise the JDs for each function/department.

Our JDs framework is based on a triple-level hierarchy.

  1. Senior Level positions – which typically constitutes the business or functional heads for various functions. Examples include, Head – Marketing, Head – Sales, Head – Operations and so on. Your company might designate these positions as VP – Marketing or GM – Marketing etc. However, the position essentially entails heading a function/department.
  2. Middle Level positions – which typically constitute the second rung positions at a managerial level. Although our framework will list them as Manager – Marketing, Manager – Business Development and so on, your company might designate them as Manager or Assistant Manager or Senior Manager and so on.
  3. Executive Level positions – which typically constitute the entry level positions at a sub-managerial level. Although our framework will list them as Executive – Marketing, Executive – Production and so on, your company might designate them as Executive or Officer or Senior Executives and so on.

Our online Customisation Tool is under development currently.

You can call us now or enter your details here and we will call you soon and explain how you can customise the JDs for your organisation on an offline mode till the time that the online tool is available.
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