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HR Setup… BOT Model  

Who will benefit?
Typically an organisation which does not have any well-defined internal HR policies and systems in the organisation will benefit from our HR Setup BOT Model.

As a current situation, the client is managing its people in an adhoc manner and various benefits and entitlements are decided by the MD/CEO on a case to case basis and availed by employees accordingly.

Solution Definition
As part of this offering, we Build, Operate and Transfer the HR function for the client. Our solutions are defined keeping the client’s business objectives in mind.

We ensure that all our systems are designed to be self-sustainable for at least 2-3 years, if not more.

At a basic level, as part of the "Build" component, the solution entails definition and delivering on three aspects in an employee’s lifecycle in an organisation.

  1. Ensuring that various transactions of employees with the organisation are standardised and regularised
  2. Ensuring that the job to be done by the employee is enlisted clearly and methodically and known to them
  3. Ensuring that the employee’s job performance is assessed and rewarded properly and transparently

As part of our solution, we also design the Organisation Structure for the client based on its business objectives and growth plans. These structures are designed keeping in mind how the organisation would and should look to ensure that the growth momentum is not lost.

The "Operate" and "Transfer" components get completed over 4-6 months’ timeframe depending on the size of the organisation and complexity of its business. During these stages, we work closely with your key personnel and guide and coach them on their job objectives, responsibilities, and efficiently fulfilling their roles.

At the end of the assignment the client will have a well-functioning and internalised HR department and all employees will work in a systematic manner and be aware of their performance parameters.

Call us now or click here to know more about how our HR Setup – BOT Model solution can benefit you in managing your people better.

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