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HR Policies !!!
Who needs HR Policies

You need a well defined HR Policy document if you as a business head…

  • Wish to spend your time and energy in focusing on your business growth related areas
  • Allow your managers sufficient freedom in deciding on their day-to-day people management areas
  • Want to follow standardisation and fairness in benefits that you offer to your people
  • Control big-ticket people costs (both direct and indirect) affecting your business
HR Policies is one of the key documents that any business needs. This is based on the principle that people are the most important resources which help or affect achievement of business objectives and growth. The HR Policy manual provides direction to people about the conditions of their employment agreement with the company.

The main benefit in having a well defined policy manual is that it helps the organization in setting expectations amongst its employees on what benefits the organization will provide and which benefits the employees should not expect from the organization.

The other benefits of a well defined HR policy manual are:
  • There is no ambiguity or subjectivity in taking decisions on benefits to be provided to various people
  • Managers are given a framework to adhere to in all their communication with their team members
  • It reduces pressure on the Managing Director (MD) for taking decisions on minor day-to-day people related matters which don’t add value to the business
  • Generates a feeling amongst employees that the organization is clear on what it is willing to do for its people
It is a structured document covering benefits, rules and regulations, processes, decision making authorities etc. in respect of employment conditions with each employee.
» Policy Areas
A typical organization requires between 30-35 different policy areas covered under following heads:
  • Hiring policies
  • Training and induction policies
  • Assessment policies
  • Career Development and growth policies
  • Travel policies
  • Employment benefit policies
  • Employment rules
  • Work timings and weekly offs policies
  • Leave policies
  • Payroll Related policies
  • Expenses Reimbursement policies
  • Employee Grievances & Harassment policies
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Our offering on HR Policies is covered under three models
  1. Standard Solution
    You can buy our Predefined HR Policies Packs (consisting of 10, 20 or 30 policies). Since the policies are predefined they can be modified by you based on your own specific needs. These policies are drafted based on our Basic HR Policies Framework. You can select the number of policies tha
    You can buy our ess and have them up and running within 2-3 working days.

  2. Comprehensive Solution
    This model is designed to help you implement the HR policies with minimal or no effort in implementation. Through this model we provide a comprehensive set of HR Policy which include some of the best practices followed in industries as also the processes to be followed in their implementation. These are more detailed than the Standard Solution policies and include the Letter Templates and Formats that you would need to implement them.

  3. Customised Solutions
    As part of this offering, we study your existing policies, processes and practices (whether documented or undocumented) and define the HR Policies for your organisation. We administer a detailed questionnaire to study all aspects of your Human Resources function and its initiatives and activities. We define a complete set of policies specific to your needs. We also sit in for a review and finalization discussion with your representative/s to explain the finer nuances for effective implementation of the policies.
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» Delivery Methodology
Standard and Comprehensive Solutions
Our consultants will mail you the list of different policy areas. You need to select the areas that you feel are important for your businesses and confirm to our consultants. On deposit of the appropriate amount in our bank accounts, we mail the Predefined Policies in PDF and .doc formats. You can use the policies as they are (this is possible due to their detailed nature) or modify the same based on your specific needs. In case of Comprehensive Solution, the Letter Templates and Formats are also mailed as separate files along with the policies.
Customised Solution
Our consultant will gather necessary data telephonically from your company representative/s to help us define the policies based on your requirements. This data pertains to your organisation structure, HR policies, processes and practices followed etc. Your representatives are required to invest 1-2 hours for the tele-call or fill in the questionnaire and mail to us. We gather all data in a structured manner through a detailed questionnaire.
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» Delivery Periods
Standard and Comprehensive Solutions
We deliver the Predefined Policy Packs within 3 working days on receipt of payment.

Customised Solution

We deliver the first Policy draft within 10 working days after receipt of payment. The final draft is delivered within 2 days of receiving the feedback and comments on the first draft.
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» Pricing
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