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Attrition Management Solutions  

Global research conducted over 1mn people across 330 companies indicates in a list of Top 8 reasons for Attrition, “Salary/Pay” was 7th in rank. This means that “Salary/Pay” is amongst the bottom 25th Percentile of key reasons for Attrition.

Our years of experience in managing and interacting with thousands of people in different industries and businesses of different sizes has given us a clear understanding of reasons why people leave their jobs and companies.

Our Attrition Management Solutions covers three different dilivery models:

  • Outsourced Exit Interviews – where you can outsource your exit interviews process to us. As an external and independent agency, we will be able to cull out the appropriate reasons for employee exits
  • Attrition Analytics – where we analyse the reasons for attrition and present you the conclusions and recommend an action plan to be implemented internally
  • Attrition Management & Control – as detailed below.

Attrition Management & Control
Unlike popular belief, attrition CAN BE controlled. Like everything else it needs a proper Strategy and Action Plan. Attrition Management is a continuous process and with focussed attention from the owners and senior management team can deliver clearly differentiable results.

BreakThrough HR’s Attrition Management Solution is designed on a Multi-Pronged approach and ensures that:

  • We are able to gather and analyse relevant attrition causing reasons and information from employees AND
  • Predict and Pinpoint the precise reasons why people MIGHT leave their jobs

Our Solution methodology involves taking this analysis and findings and creating very precise High-Impact Action Plans to Pre-empt and Control employee exits.

We then roll out these action plans in your organisation as per our specific timeframes and in a step by step manner. Our team works very closely with your key executives and ensures effectiveness in completion of the action plans.

Call to talk to us or click here to share about your attrition issue with us. We would be able to solve it for you.

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